Serene Art for Your Home and Office

Mary Lou’s background in private practice as a mental health counselor is present throughout the book. “Nature is a stress buster whether we are actually there or simply looking at a picture of a calming beautiful scene.  It can be very calming and healing,” she said.

Her images, in offices, hospitals, hotels, and homes, are relaxing and therapeutic.  People have told her they leave the book open on their coffee tables to view different scenes each day.

Clients have sent emails, notes and comments about the effects her art has had. These range from bringing back beautiful touching memories made in this area to helping through an illness, a divorce, the loss of a loved one, a cold winter and more across the United States, Europe, Canada, and South America. Many comments are too specific and personal to mention here but she greatly appreciates them all. A dear friend who regularly does a prison ministry shared her book there with the inmates. She explained how they may have seemingly lost everything, but no one can take the joy from them in looking at pictures of God’s beautiful nature and she pointed to a full moon image. At first, they laughed and didn’t understand but then she continued showing them God’s gifts to all in nature. One lifetime prisoner began to draw again which he hadn’t done in many years using her pictures as inspiration which brought him a sense of peace. Whether tearful or joyful, she loves hearing from you as it fills her heart continually and energizes her to continue.

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